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May 1
“I don’t know how anyone survived. … But when you look at the path of destruction that’s likely 5 to 7 miles long in an area half a mile to a mile wide … it’s an amazing scene. There’s parts of the city I don’t recognize, and that’s someone that’s lived here his entire life.”

Walter Maddox, Mayor of Tuscaloosa, Alabama speaking after a tornado ripped through the college town with winds in excess of 200mph and traveled over 176 miles. The tornado was part of a larger tornado outbreak that has claimed 306 lives in six states making the it second deadliest in US history.

Read the article here: Deadly tornadoes rip through southern US, killing over 300

Apr 25

“Deepwater Horizon and its owner, Transocean, had serious safety management system failures and a poor safety culture.” The United States Coast Guard in a report which found that a ‘poor safety culture’ contributed to the Deepwater Horizon disaster last year.